IPCC Report: How to bring a change?

IPCC has released three reports in rapid succession. These reports cover: August 2021: What is the problem? February 2021 How serious is the problem? April 2022: How can the problem be solved? The latest report titled “Mitigation of Climate Change” focuses on three key aspects: The target of 1.5 degrees is almost out of reach:Continue reading “IPCC Report: How to bring a change?”

Deep-Sea Mining, Renewables and Sustainability

The ocean bed holds the key to many of the world’s challenges. For example, some of the materials used in clean-energy technology come from the deep sea bed. The world population is increasing and likely to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. The increased population will have higher energy requirements. The climate crisis that we faceContinue reading “Deep-Sea Mining, Renewables and Sustainability”

Cheating Carbon Pricing

Carbon pricing is an efficient mechanism for reducing carbon emissions. Carbon taxes can be a way to force polluters to pay for harming the environment by burning fossil fuel. The World Bank has estimated that 45 countries and 34 subnational jurisdictions have adopted some form of carbon pricing – carbon taxes or emissions trading systems.Continue reading “Cheating Carbon Pricing”

Financing the Shift to Net Zero

The shift to net-zero requires both a transition in global energy and a significant reduction in greenhouse gases emitted by industries. Both require huge levels of investment.  However, most investments required to shift to net zero are large, complex, and risky. This raises an interesting question of where the money will come from to achieve net-zeroContinue reading “Financing the Shift to Net Zero”